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"The teacher is not the one who gives the right answers, he is the one who gives rise to the right questions"


We work directly or in collaboration with our expert partners with companies and institutions and support them to improve their current or future operations and performance.


Strategy consulting

We help you to define your business strategy. Our approach, after an audit and analysis of the existing system, can lead to recommendations on the management, organisation and performance aspects in particular.


Management and organisational consulting

We provide you with our qualifications and experience to solve a difficulty or strengthen you in the fields of marketing, production, logistics, information systems, human resources, finance and management.


We also assist you on topics related to the management and optimization of your business lines or so-called support functions such asHR (Change Management, HR and organisational impact analysis, support for the appropriation of e-learning systems, job description, mapping (talent, organisation & process) and implementation of action plans, training design and facilitation. Implementation of performance management policy.


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