Entrepreneurial Coaching

The entrepreneurial coaching service is aimed at people who plan to create their activity, to give life to an idea, a project, within the framework of a company (start up, individual company, SA, etc.). It is therefore part of an approach to optimize personal resources in order to create and sustain an activity.


The objective of entrepreneurial coaching is to enable the project leader to:


  • Validate your entrepreneurial profile and the adequacy between man and project

  • Verify the viability of your business creation project

  • Be supported in the various stages of business creation

  • Launch the activity


It offers you a space for reflection, reflection, reflection and exchange to guide your actions in the right direction, make decisions and take the necessary steps to ensure the success of your project.


What are its specificities?


  • More intensive support :

The coaching process takes place over 3 months at the rate of 10 sessions of 1h30 each in order to take full advantage of the launch or development dynamics.


  • An essential space for exchange :

It offers an essential space for reflection and exchange during the implementation phase of your project, promoting the mirror effect and decision-making.


  • Regular progress reports :

As a privileged interlocutor for your project, we validate with you the stages of its construction and together we ensure that the deadlines you set for yourself are respected. Thus, progress is real, measurable and effective.


  • Additional strategic input (marketing, sales and communication) :

Combining coaching with marketing and strategic skills, our support helps you to progress methodically in your project so that nothing is left to chance and your chances of success are maximized.


Optional : the problem-solving assistance group (co-development) for entrepreneurs:

A real "project booster", this professional co-development group gives you the opportunity to break out of isolation and exchange with peers to overcome your difficulties and achieve your objectives more quickly.


Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project and see to what extent we can best support you.