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The Coach Approach Leadership is a comprehensive program for managers and organizations wishing to acquire or strengthen their management and communication tools, to increase the maturity of teams, to have a better understanding of possible dysfunctions to enable '' achievement of ambitious goals

It can be considered, as desired and according to your needs:


  • as part of a global change management project / training / building a new team / integration of new employees

  • as part of a one-off action to strengthen the skills and / or tools of your directors, managers and employees.


It revolves around 2 axes:

  • Person-related approach - coaching / personal development

  • Functional approach - mentoring / management techniques and tools

This partial or complete program allows you to benefit from a leverage effect on both human and operational management.

For more details, do not hesitate to contact us.

You are an entrepreneur or business creator, of Start up, and you need help to start, develop your

activity ? opt for entrepreneurial coaching.

You are a company manager or HR manager and wish to give a new dimension to your management, re-invigorate your teams, give meaning and mobilize around your strategy ? opt for in-company coaching.

You are an individual and you need help to see clearly in your projects, to take action and achieve the objective you have set for yourself? Personal development coaching is for you.

Do you want to strengthen the bonds between your employees, strengthen team spirit? 

Do you need support in organising your annual staff seminars/retirement?

We will accompany you.

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