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Customer Satisfaction Management

Customer relationship is a product, so you have to invest in its success

Mastering the customer journey is becoming increasingly important for the company. 

In an increasingly open and connected world, a company that does not have a real strategy in place to ensure a high level customer experience will always lag behind


Define the customer path

The experience begins when the customer is not yet a customer. As a prospect, his intention to buy is already part of a real dynamic to be taken into account. On the other hand, the process obviously continues long after the purchase (after-sales service, collection, etc.). The company must therefore strive to adopt a global vision. 

Build and promote customer relations in a multi-channel environment. 
Each company must ask itself the right questions about multi-channel according to its nature and market. To avoid making your organization and databases more complex, you must first define which channels are really effective for the company.

Valuing customer knowledge

A teenager and a retiree, a man or a woman, a customer of the same company, will not have the same expectations, the same behaviour and, in the end, the same customer journey. 

It is imperative to know how to share this information, make it available and use it so that it can be transformed into customer knowledge.

Who is my client ?

We help you to know your customers, their habits, their desires, their temporality etc. by proposing the tools best adapted to your company and its challenges

What are the most important 

products & services 

that I'm thinking of offering him ? 

We propose you to test your customer journey in real life situations


During our visit as a MYSTERE Client, we test and control your establishments, infrastructures, services, quality of welcome and services, etc.

What my client perceives 

of my products & services

We help you to understand and measure your customers' satisfaction by offering you the measurement tools best adapted to your reality

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