Coaching for Individual

Be an actor of your change!


Because it is not always easy to clearly identify one's needs that will lead to an objective to achieve... because it is not easy to be motivated, to get in motion, to take action to achieve this objective... it can be precious to be accompanied by a coach.


Indeed, coaching is a coaching process that promotes the awareness of an individual, a group, a team, of its mode of functioning, with the objective of going beyond the situation in which they find themselves and thus achieving the professional but also personal objectives that they have set themselves in complete autonomy.


Coaching is focused on motivation, potential and resources specific to each individual. It is based on your personal values and talents and allows you to develop in a dynamic of how to carry out a project, achieve my objective"


Our approach is based on caring and respect. It is based on techniques specific to this type of coaching such as active listening, questioning, reformulation and reframing. We also use Neuro Linguistic Programming, Sophrology, meditation (mindfulness).


Individual coaching is neither consulting, nor training, nor, in any case, therapy. Individual coaching does not provide ready-made solutions. It allows you to find your own solutions, whether in the professional or private field.





During a 1st session called the ANAMNESE, your coach will help you to clarify your situation, identify and name your SMART objective (which should be within your reach, measurable and time-limited).


He will then be able to offer you a personalised support programme that he can evaluate in terms of duration.


Intermediate objectives will mark your progress towards achieving your objective.


We can assist you in all types of situations such as: preparation of an exam, resumption of activity, food addiction, stress management, improvement of your interpersonal relationships, apprehension of a change in your life (bereavement, birth, separation, etc.), re-appropriation of your image, etc.


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